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When posting a pitch, sometimes a user may not want all users in a huddle to see what they have posted. By turning on the option to allow users to make pitches private, participants have the ability to select if they want their pitch to be visible to other huddle participants.

By making a pitch private, it becomes only visible to Coaches, Publishers, the Host of the Huddle, and the participant’s Managers.

How to Turn On Private Pitches in the Pitch Module Settings

Classic UI

When adding a pitch module to a huddle, under the Module Options section, tick the Allow Participants to Keep Their Pitch Private on to turn on the option.

Modern UI

In the Modern UI select the “Settings” tab and turn on Allow Private Pitches

How Do Participants Make Their Pitches Private?

Classic UI

Once the option to allow Private Pitches is turned on, after a participant submits their pitch, under the video, a toggle button will appear to the right of the user’s name.

Turning the Keep My Pitch Private toggle button on will make the pitch private.

NOTE: The toggle button is only visible to and can be turned on and off by the participant. Coaches, Managers, and Publishers cannot make a user’s pitch private.

Modern UI

In the Modern UI there are two ways to make a pitch private.

  1. When creating a new pitch, in the pitch submission pop up window, select Private to make a pitch private.

2. If a pitch is already submitted, on the pitch view screen select Edit in the gray box.

This will open a popup window where you can change the visibility setting of the pitch submission.

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