Private and Public Learning Paths


Like Huddle programs, when creating a Learning Path, creators are provided the Publicity setting option to make their their program participation public or private.

Differences Between Public vs. Private


  • Only users who have been assigned to a Learning Path are able to participate
  • Assigned Participants cannot leave Learning Paths unless the host or Coach unassigned them
  • Participants are able view and find the Learning Path within the Library, Learning Path page, and in the search bar


  • Users can enroll themselves into a Learning Path without being assigned to it by the host or a Coach.
  • Users can still be assigned to a Learning Path
  • Self-enrolled participants can leave the Learning Path at anytime
  • Assigned participants cannot leave a Learning Path unless removed by host or Coach
  • All users can view and find the Learning Path within the Library, Learning Path page, and search bar
    • NOTE: The Overview and Schedule tabs in a Learning path are visible to all users, but in a read-only mode where content in the path is not accessible unless a user is enrolled or assigned

How to Set Learning Path Publicity

During the Learning Path Creation

When creating a new Learning Path either through the Universal Content Creator or Learning Path menu, the following window will appear:

Under Publicity, select either Private or Public and hit Create.

Changing an existing Learning Path’s Publicity

Once a Learning Path is created and published its publicity setting can be changed by selecting the Admin tab at the top of the screen

Click on Edit. select public or private, and hit save.

Joining and Leaving Public Learning Paths

Joining the Public Path

After searching and selecting the desired Public Learning Path use the Join Path button in the top right corner to enroll into the path.

Leave a Public Path

To leave a Learning Path, use the Leave Path, button in the top right.

Note: Once a user leaves the Public Path, their completion for that particular path will be removed. However, once the user joins the Path again, the system will bring back the previous completion.

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