The prerequisite feature in a huddle or learning path ensures that participants are required to complete modules or a huddle before proceeding further through a program.

Prerequisite Huddles in Learning Paths

In a Learning Path, the prerequisite option appears in the New Event menu when adding a 2nd huddle to a learning path. Setting a prerequisite will designate mandatory huddles within the Learning Path that need to be completed before moving onto the next huddle.

To add a prerequisite, check the prerequisite box. Below you will see the names of the weeks added to your Learning Path. Expand the list to view the huddles within each week and select your prerequisites.

In the Learning Path Schedule page, the huddles with prerequisites will be marked with a list icon on while the prerequisites are marked with a branching chart icon.

If a user attempts to access a prerequisite huddle, they will see a message similar to the one seen below:

Prerequisite Modules in Huddles

In a huddle, prerequisites function much the same way, once a test module is added to the huddle, the publisher has a choice of making modules a prerequisite before the participant can view the test.

If a participant tries to access the test module prior to completing those prerequisites, they’ll see the message below:

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