Pitches In Huddles Rollout Plan


In Q4 2018 to Q1 2019 we are working on new functionality within Huddles that enables content creators to add recording, leaderboards, and reviewing of recordings. This is a step to make Huddles a flexible and robust mechanism for your reps to engage in wtihout having to jump between different locations in SalesHood.

Timeframe: End of Q1 of 2019 

Rollout Plan

Step 1 – Q4 to early Q1

Update our existing Huddle with functionality that mimics Pitches:

  • Ability to record
  • Ability to review recordings
  • Leaderboard of recordings 

This is a short list of the functionality that will be released over the next few releases.

Step 2 – early Q1

Receive feedback on functionality and update as needed.

Step 3 – early/mid Q1

Pause Pitch creation after functionality is updated. The existing created Pitches, prior to this, are still functional and can be used, cloned, shared, and more. Only the ability to create new Pitches will be turned off.

If you attempt to create a new Pitch, SalesHood will redirect you to the new Huddle functionality with instructions on how to use.

Step 4 – mid/late Q1

After some time for existing pitches to finish we will enable Pitches to be visible within the Library in their assigned categories as “Read-only”. If a Pitch was not assigned a category, they will be placed in a “Pitches” category that is visible for everyone in your instance (it can be made confidential anytime). 

“Read-only” implies that no user can take an action within the Pitch only view or read what is shown. This will allow users to watch video submissions, but cannot submit a new video or comment. 

Step 5 – mid/late Q1

Remove the “Pitches” tab in the navigation bar for all users. All Pitches will be accessible within the Library and search if needed for future review. 

We will also add a “Create” button within the navigation bar for Managers and above to easily access creating Huddles and Paths. 

Please note that we are not enabling customers to merge old Pitches into the new Huddle functionality.

All done! You can now Pitch in a Huddle.

If you have any questions please email support@saleshood.com.

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