Pitch Certification Template

SalesHood makes it easier for the Reps to persuade a prospect to make a purchase by delivering convincing sales pitch. Using SalesHood Selling methodologies one can better develop the ability to understand customer’s needs, communicate effectively and appear confident at all times.

What is the Pitch Certification Template

The SalesHood Pitch Certification Template in the SalesHood library is a special Huddle program all about how you can put together a compelling pitch that will help you build a strong rapport with a prospect and close the deal. Completing the Pitch Certification Template takes you step-by-step through the planning process so you can feel confident when making a pitch.

Before we dive deep on the content of the Pitch Certification Template, here are the benefits you can avail through the program.

  • The Pitch Certification program helps you learn more on making convincing sales pitches that will give you a better chance of closing a deal.
  • This program also enables the Managers to provide pitch review and feedback based on industry standards. 
  • A simple and straightforward messaging alignment pitch process drives alignment across the team and the company.
  • The Reps, Managers, and other sales leaders develop their sales techniques that help boost up the revenue of the company and meet the business outcomes.

The 10 Step Pitch Practice Process

A part of the Pitch Certification Template includes 10 Pitch Practice Processes explained in an easy and very understanding way to for the reps and teams to effectively deliver a pitch that helps achieve the outcome.

Here are the details of the 10 steps

  1. Launch New Pitch: Launch New Pitch: Launch an impactful pitch for the target audience that correlates the product with the revenue.
  2. Train Team: Coach the team in real time by making them use the materials and resources that help them deliver a meaningful pitch fulfilling the business objectives.
  3. Practice and Record Pitch: Practice recording a version of your Pitch. Whether it is about a product demo, elevator practice or anything else, practice your pitch and implement the feedback to make a better version every time.  
  4. Manager and Peer Review: Let the Manager and Peer view your recorded pitch and provide a feedback that could make your pitch better.
  5. Share Live Calls: The Managers and leaders can let the users make live calls with prospects or customers and have them see handling the objections.
  6. Coach in Real Time: The Managers, leaders or colleagues can provide additional feedback over the live call. This continuous learning and feedback process simply make the reps improve on a regular basis.
  7. Measure Completion: ensure the completion from the beginning of the pitch process is complete by 100%.
  8. Correlate Sales Data: Correlates the performance data with the activity data to make sure the business outcomes are met as per the standard set.
  9. Celebrate Success: Spotlight the most impactful pitches with the team that are result-driven and make the business reach it goals. 
  10. Curate Top Pitches: Make the best Pitches available as the resources for the team and the new employees.

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