Coach AI

What is a Coach AI

With the new Coach AI in place, now a user’s Pitch can be scored using the AI technology along with manual grading. The Pitch creator can configure an AI Criteria and the user’s Pitch will be automatically scored out of 10 based on the set criteria. This super exciting feature will give users the immediate feedback they need to quickly improve their pitch. The AI score is based on the AI criteria that is set in the Pitch Module such as key phrases, pace, time duration, tone, etc.

How to enable the Coach AI

Customers interested in the Coach AI can get it enabled for their users by making a request to their SalesHood Customer Success Manager.

The Coach AI can be enabled for specific or all users within an instance.

Before we dive in to the steps on how to add a Pitch Module with an AI, here are some important considerations:

  • The Coach AI in the Pitch Module can only be added through the Modern UI
  • Currently the Coach AI is available only in English language
  • A Coach, Publisher user can add the AI Criteria in any Pitch Module
  • A Manager user can only add the AI Criteria in the Pitch Module of the Huddle created by them

How to create a Pitch with AI in a Huddle

Below are the steps to get the Pitch Module with AI added in a Huddle

  1. Add a Pitch Module to a Huddle
  2. Provide the description of the Module in the Description box
  3. From the Elements Library > Drag and Drop the Scorecard into the Module Elements
Once the Scorecard is added in the Module Elements area, you will need to include the AI Criteria. The detailed explanation of each criterion is listed below:

Note: Once a user submits a Pitch, the Scorecard cannot be edited.

Set the User Criteria

Once the Scorecard is added in the Module Elements area, you may also set a User Criteria if you want the Pitch to be grader by a human too along with AI. The default grader set for the Pitch can rate the Pitch on a scale of 1 to 10 based on the set User Criteria. You may add as many User Criteria as you want.

Note: Once a user submits a Pitch, the User Criteria cannot be edited or deleted.

Set the AI Criteria

  1. Enable AI Criteria: Toggle this option to enable the AI Criteria
  2. Key Phrases: The words or phrases that must be included in a Pitch should be added in this field.
  3. Restricted Phrases: The words or phrases that a user should not include in their Pitch can be added in this field.
  4. Duration: By enabling the Duration option, a specific time range a Pitch must be recorded within can be set.
  5. Test AI Criteria: The Pitch can be tested first using the Test AI Criteria before being submitted.

Pitch Module Settings

Once the AI Criteria or User Criteria have been added, additional Settings that may be applied to the Pitch Module. Below is the description of each tab in Settings


Optional Module: Check this to make the Pitch Module optional for the users to complete.

Allow Private Pitches: This option can be checked to make the user’s Pitches private. Meaning, other than the Coaches, Huddle Host/Creator, User’s Primary Manager, no one else can see the submitted pitch.


Assigning a Pitch Grader: A user’s Primary Manager, Secondary Manager or any other subject matter expert user can be set as the Pitch Grader by checking on the relevant option.

Minimum Required Score: A minimum passing score between the range of 1 to 10 may be set in a Pitch Module by checking the Minimum Required Score option and entering the number.

Note: This option can only be enabled after the Pitch Grader option is selected.   

The Pitch Recording Screen

When the Pitch Module contains an AI, the user recording a Pitch Video will see the below screen containing key phrases, set duration and other video settings options.

Clicking on the View Scorecard gives the user a snapshot of what should be included in the recording.

AI Score

As soon as the user Records or Uploads the Pitch Video, the AI score is generated instantly in real-time.

The AI Score is based on the criteria set in the Pitch Module such as key phrases, the video duration, etc. The Score detail contains the feedback and the recommendations for the Pitch.

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