Pinning Content to the Homepage

Have a huddle, category, file, or Deal Win/Story you want to share with all of your users on the homepage? If you are a Coach or Publisher user, you can easily do so by pinning the file to the homepage.

Unlike Bookmarks, where an individual user can mark content to be seen on their homepage, pinning content to the homepage makes the content visible in the Essentials section on the homepage of all users in the instance.

How to Pin Content

  1. Select the “…” ellipses when hovering over the file or category
  2. Select “Pin to Homepage”

Unpinning Content

Once something is pinned to the homepage, you can unpin by following the same above steps then selecting “Unpin to homepage” option.

You can also remove content directly from the Homepage by hovering over the top right corner of the content box and clicking on the pin icon to remove it.

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