SalesHood Analytics – Pie Charts

Pie charts show data as proportional segments of a disc. Pie charts can be segmented by either multiple measures or an attribute, and allow viewers to visualize component parts of a whole either as raw numbers or percentages.


Image 1

The example above (Image 1), shows the number of huddles that are in each huddle category. This is achieved by the following configuration:

  • Measure: Count of “Huddle Event.”
  • View by: “Huddle Category” – this will display count of Huddles per Category.
  • We are able to see that there are 80 huddles in the category “Prospecting.”

The example below shows Huddle Completion % broken down by Segment.

For this, we have altered the “Measure,” and “View by.”

(Image 2) shows that the “Customer Support” segment has a huddle completion percentage of 78.38%, which is above average relative to other Segments.

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