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Partner Instances are an add-on feature that supports an additional level of access control. Partner instances allow you to set up separate instances that are linked to your Main Instance in Saleshood, giving you the ability to easily push content from the Main instance to the Partner instance. By adding a new user to a Partner Instance, this will allow those users to only see and interact with the content available there, but not in the Main instance.

Adding a New Partner Instance


  1. This feature is only available to the Company Admin role
  2. Please contact your customer success manager for access

Please follow the steps below to add partner instances.

Click “Company Settings” on the menu bars then select “Partner Instances.”

Step 2: On the Partner Instances page, select the Add New Company button.

Step 3: Fill out the necessary fields for the instance you are setting up.

1/ Name: Input the name of the company
2/ Logo: Upload your company’s logo (JPG or PNG files)
3/ Number licenses: Input the number of seat licenses for the company (this number can be set arbitrarily at first)
4/ Sub domain: This will generally be the company name (i.e. https://[sub domain]
5/ Authentication method: You will be able to set up SSO/SAML login for the company. The options are: Google OAuth2, SAML, and Salesforce. If you are unsure, leave the default to be Password (a password will be setup upon user import that will allow users to login with their email and password). Please contact SalesHood Support for help.
6/ Enable salesforce: This will allow for the SalesHood tab to appear in users’ Salesforce pages.
7/ Enable notifications: Check this box if you want email alerts to be available for the instance. This includes: password reset emails, email alert upon exercise submission, reminders, etc. The best practice is to have this box checked, although there are many cases where notifications are not necessary for activities within an instance.
8/ Enable calendar view: The calendar view is an option to have the home page default to a Calendar that shows the tasks a user needs to complete based on when it’s scheduled. We recommend this box be left unchecked so users get a feed view of their To Do items on their home page.

When you’re finished, click the Create Company tab. It will take about 15 minutes for the instance to be available and show up on the dashboard.

Best Practice: As a Coach, you will want to invite yourself as a Coach in the new instance to import users. Please follow these steps…

Select your profile picture and then switch to the new partner instance we just created.

Then, go select “Invite Users” to invite a coach into the instance.

Copying Content to Partner Instances

Below are the methods by which you are able to copy content from your main SalesHood instance to Partner Instances you have set up. All content can be shared, including Pitches, Huddles, Learning Paths, Files, and whole Categories. You’ll notice the “Copy to Partner” option both within the Publisher section of the content itself as well as by clicking on the options ellipses in the Library:

After selecting the Copy option, you’ll be prompted to select the Partner Instance you want to copy the content to, the Category in the Partner Instance library you want to copy the content to (select “Library” if you want it to be copied to the top level of the Library), and the Host/Owner of the content.

Once you’ve confirmed your options you’ll be shown a progress indicator for the copy, and be notified when it’s complete:

Note: Copying content to a partner instance does NOT create a link between the content in the main instance and the partner instance. It instead makes an individual copy of the content. I.e. updating/editing the content in the main instance does NOT update/edit the content in the partner instance as well. Also, your are unable to copy files from an integrated third party source, such as Box or Sharepoint, to a partner instance.

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