Participation Metrics

It’s easy to keep up to date on the participant progress in Huddles and Learning Paths!

Completion Metrics in Huddles

The Activity Report on the right side of a huddle provides metrics in terms of the activities completed by a user, overall completion, and completion for each type of module. Below we break down completion for each of the columns:

  1. Activities – This column shows the total number of participant actions within a huddle including all comments and submissions.
  2. Completion – This column provides the overall completion for the huddle. It is an average of the completion scores in the Exercise, Test, Pitch Submission, and SCORM columns.
  3. Exercise, Test, Pitch Submission, Link, SCORM (Plugin) Completion – These columns provide the completion percentage for each specific module type.
  • Completion percentages for the huddle are calculated as the sum of % completion of each required module divided by number of modules.

Completion Metrics in Learning Paths

The reporting in a Learning Path features two columns for completion metrics:

  1. Progress – This percentage provides the overall completion in a path thus far for an individual, group, segment, and/or team. When the overall completion in the path for an individual, segment and/or team is below 1%, the progress shown will be 0%. Also keep in mind that calculating progress for groups, segments, and teams may appear at 0% if the there are large number of participants in the group.
  2. Test – This percentage provides an average of the overall test score for an individual, segment, group, or team in the path.
  • Completion percentages for the huddle are calculated as the Sum of % completion of each required Huddle divided by number of Huddles in path, includes partial completions of required content.

Optional Modules and Huddles

Optional modules and huddles are not calculated into completion as they are not required to be completed by the participant. You’ll know that a module or huddle is optional by noticing the arrow icon in the photo below:

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