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When you are creating a new Page, there are a few settings that need to be set before you can move onto building the new Page. These settings are as follows:

This article will go through the different settings and advise how these settings can be managed before and after a Page is published.

Page Settings


Create a name for your Page


Add a description that describes what is the purpose of the Page

Page Group

A Page Group is used to categorize and compile sets of Pages together under one category name. Type in or select the name of a Page Group you would like to add the Page to.

Note: If the Page Group name does not exist, a new group will be automatically created

Once you have published a Page, when users access the Pages section of the Content Module, they will be able to see the Pages they have been assigned to according to the Page Group. 

View Permissions

Use the view permissions setting to select who has the ability to view a particular Page. There are two permission options available:

  1. All Users – All users can view the Page
  2. Specific Users – Use the search bar to look for specific Segments, Groups, Teams, or Individuals that can view the Page. Use the check box to add users.

    If you would like to remove a selected Segment, Group, Team or Individual, use the “x” next to the selected name.


Add tags to a Page by clicking on +Add Tags. This will open the Update Tags window, where all the Tag Categories will be listed. 

Under each tag category, search and select the names of the tags you wish to add. If you would like to remove a tag, click on the “x” next to the tag name.

Once you have selected your desired tags, click on Update to add them to the Page.

Learn to create and manage tags here.

How to access Settings for a Published Page

After a Page is published, the Page settings menu can be accessed in two ways:

  1. From the Pages section of the Content Module
    In the Pages section of the Content Module, hover over the image icon of the Page, and click on the …  in the top right corner.

Once you have done this select Manage Settings to access the settings menu.

  1. When Editing an Existing Page
    While you are editing a Page, click on the Settings button on the left hand menu to access the settings

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