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In this article we will learn about tracking the Pages data with the help of Page Insights.

Page Insights can be used to track down the activities made on the Page. Different activities like Page Views, Avg. Time spent on a Page, etc. can be easily seen.

Who has access to the Pages Insights?

A Coach and Publisher have can only access the Pages Insights

Accessing the Page Insights

Accessing the Page Insights is just a two step process:

  1. View the Page for which insights is needed
  2. Click on the Insights

Components of Page Insights

The Page Insights is divided into two components Access and Engagement


In Access, you can track the Views of the Page and the Avg. Time Spent on that particular page.

Page Views

The total Views recorded on the Pages till date. Hovering over bar let’s you see Views count based on Week.

Average Time on a Page

The Avg. amount of time spent on a Page is shown here.


The count of views on the Asset and Training Programs is shown in the Engagement tab.

Asset Views

The Total count of the files added in the Page is shown under the Asset Views.

Training Views

The total views that the Programs (Huddles + Learning Paths) have received in a Page is shown under the Training Views.

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