Pages – How to Build and Edit a Page

Pages offers a flexible way to create a visual delivery of content to your users. 

This guide will teach you:

  1. The Main Parts of Constructing a Page
  2. How to Create a Page
  3. Drafts
  4. How to Edit a Published Page 

Main Parts of Constructing a Page

When building a Page there are 2 main components used to create structure on the Page

Page Elements

Page Elements are different items that can be used to add content to your Page. 


Sections are a set of frames in which page elements are able to be added to. Within a section the frames are set into Columns that users can customize and build their page. 

The number of columns can be selected by hovering over the Section you are working on, and clicking on the 4 column option buttons. 

There are currently 4 ways to structure your columns:

  1. One Column

  2. Two Columns
  3. Three Columns
  4. Two Column Uneven

Changing the Column Order

Once you have added content to a column, you can change the order of each column by hovering over the frame of the column and using the left and right arrows in the pop up menu.

Add a Background to a Column

Columns can also have a background added to it by hovering over the frame of the column and clicking on the paint bucket icon in the pop up menu.

You will then have the ability to either select a Color to fill the column background, or you can use an image to use as a background.

How to create a Page

1. Once you have added the basic info for your Page, you will be taken to the Page edit screen. On the Page builder, click on +Add Section to add a section frame into your Page

Use the Column option buttons in the top left to select the number of columns you would like to have in a section.

2. Drag and drop Page Elements from the right hand Page Elements menu into the columns of the section

Within each Column, multiple Page Elements can be added into one column. For example, in the image below, the Page has two columns with different Elements used in each column:

Note: Any changes will be auto saved 

3. Use the +Add Section button again to add a new section to the Page and repeat the above steps till you have built your desired Page.

4. If you would like to change the order of your sections or move some of your Page Elements, hover over the item you wish to change, and in the pop up in the top left corner, click on the icon of 6 squares and drag the item to your desired location on the page.

5. Once you have completed your Page, you can preview how your page will appear when published by toggling the Preview switch on and off

7. Once you are satisfied select the Publish button to publish the Page for viewing

How to Edit a Published Page

Once you have Published a Page, you can go back and edit it via the Pages section of the Content Module and hovering over the icon of the Page you wish to edit.

Click on the and select Edit from the drop menu.

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