Page Element Breakdown

There are two types of Page Elements that can be added:

  1. Basic – standard elements
  2. Content – Elements related to Saleshood Content

Basic Elements

  • Text – Add a text box to the Page.

  • Button – Create a clickable button to access a link.
    Buttons can be set to either
    • Dynamic – where the button can be moved into a left, right, or centered orientation
    • Full Width – where the button runs the full length of the column 
  • Divider – Insert a divider line to separate sections of content

  • Image – Add an image to the Page by clicking on the +Add Image button
    You are able to add an image either through the following sources:
    • Library – select an existing image file added to the Saleshood Library
    • Upload – Upload a picture file from your computer
    • URL – Enter a URL link to an image to add it to the Page
    • Video – Add a video file to the Page

Content Elements

  • Asset – add files from the Saleshood Library.
  • Training – add Learning Paths and Huddles from Saleshood

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