Override Progress Completion in a Learning Path

Users with the Coach or Publisher roles have the ability to override completion for participants within a Learning Path, either for individual programs or for all programs within the Path.

Please follow these instructions on how to override the progress completion for a participant in a Learning Path (or multiple participants):

Step 1: On your Learning Path Start here landing page, select the Admin tab.

Step 2: The Completion Override page works as an x-y axis coordinate grid. Select the boxes for the programs you’d like to mark as complete for the concordant user.

1 – Checking any or all of these boxes for each user will mark them as complete for all programs in the Learning Path.
2 – Checking any or all of these boxes will mark all participants in the Learning Path as complete for that specific program.
3 – Selecting individual boxes will mark the concordant participant as complete for the specific program.

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