Overriding User Completion in Huddles and Learning Paths

Sometimes while using Saleshood, you may encounter situations where you may want to override and grant the completion despite your participants not completing all the required activities within the Huddles and Learning Paths. With a Coach or Publisher role, users can easily grant completion to to all program participants, while Managers can grant completion in programs they are hosting.

Overriding Completion in a Scheduled Huddle

Classic UI

1. On the “Overview” page of a Huddle, select the “Admin” button in the “Activity” window.

2.: A window should then open, and under the “User Completion” tag, click on the check box next to the corresponding name of the user you wish to mark as completed.

Modern UI

1. In the Modern UI view of the huddle, select Leaderboard in the left hand huddle menu.

2. Select the users you would like to grant a Huddle override to by ticking the check box next to their name and click on the “Mark as Completed” button to mark the users completed

3. An alternate method of marking a user complete in the Leaderboard is to select the “…” to the right of the user name. In the drop menu select “Mark as Completed” to mark an individual user’s completion

Overriding Completion in a Learning Path

1. On your Learning Path Start here landing page, select the Admin tab.

2. The Completion Override page works as an x-y axis coordinate grid. Select the boxes for the programs you’d like to mark as complete for the concordant user.

  1. Checking any or all of these boxes for each user will mark them as complete for all programs in the Learning Path.
  2. Checking any or all of these boxes will mark all participants in the Learning Path as complete for that specific program.
  3. Selecting individual boxes will mark the concordant participant as complete for the specific program.

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