Out-of-Sync Content

Content Synced from a Third-Party CMS

Library content can be synced in from multiple different sources via one of our third-party content management system integrations. When content is synced into SalesHood, the source of truth for that content is the external CMS system so that any changes made in the external system will be automatically reflected on that content in SalesHood.

What is out-of-sync content?

When content is synced from an external source, it may (in some rare cases) become out-of-sync. Content that is out-of-sync is inaccessible in the Library, and it must be re-synced before it can again be accessed in SalesHood.

Why is my library content out-of-sync?

Third-party content can be out of sync for a number of reasons:

  1. The owner of the content has been deactivated – Because the authorization for a third-party asset is directly tied to the user that synced the content into the SalesHood Library, if that user is ever deactivated, then the content that the user synced into the Library will become inaccessible.
  2. The content’s authorization token has expired – Content synced in from another system must periodically be accessed in order to re-authorize the content sync. In some cases if content is not accessed for a significant period of time, then the authorization will expire and the content will need to be re-synced.

How can I re-sync content that is out-of-sync?

When content is out-of-sync:

  1. Have the owner of the content attempt to access the out-of-sync content. Content will re-sync when accessed by the owner if the authorization token has expired.
  2. Update the owner of any out of sync content. If the owner of the third-party content has been deactivated, then changing the owner of the content to a new, active owner will re-sync the content as long as the new owner has access to the content in the third-party CMS system.

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