How to Obtain Your Custom Query to Create a Custom Field in Salesforce

When using the Saleshood Guided Selling app to display Saleshood content in your Salesforce instance, the supporting documents shown in the app are dependent on the fields and queries used. Mainly, the fields in Salesforce are matched to Saleshood tag groups, while the query states which combination of fields should be used to pull content.

By default the Stage (Opportunity), Industry (Account), and Product (Opportunity) fields are used. Using these field, the default query logic is Stage OR Industry OR Product. With this query, the app then determines the right supporting documents from SalesHood, by showing documents that have tags that match a Stage value, OR Industry value, OR Product value.

If you would like to change the fields or query used for your Saleshood Guided Selling app, please reach out to the Saleshood Support team ( with your request.

To fulfill a request for custom fields and/or query logic for the Salesforce Guided Selling app, SalesHood will need the following information:

  • The list of custom fields to be used. (Note: Only fields that are on the opportunity record or referenced by the opportunity record are currently supported)
  • Specify which object each field belongs to
  • The query logic that will be used. This can be any combination of OR/AND and parentheses.
    • For example: setting up the app to show SalesHood files that match: Stage AND Industry OR Product AND Type
  • If there are customer-created fields (custom fields), specify the fields’ API Name (in Salesforce Classic) or Field Name (in Lightning Experience)
    • The custom field’s API Name (or Field Name) always end up with “__c” (two underscores) at the end, like “Contract_Anniversary__c”

How to Obtain a Custom Field API Name

To obtain the custom field’s API Name (or Field Name), please follow these steps:

Salesforce Classic

Step 1: Go to Setup > Quick Find: [Page Name] (plural form) > Fields

Step 2: Scroll down the <Page name> Fields page to the Custom Fields section and find the wanted fields and their API Name.

In the example below, “Current Generator” is a custom field, which API Name is “anh_dev_sf_app__CurrentGenerators__c”

SalesHood Lightning Experience

Step 1: Go to Setup > Quick Find: Object Manager 

Step 2: Choose <Page Name> (single form) > Fields & Relationships > Read the Field Name of the wanted field

In the below example, in the Page Name “Opportunities”, “Delivery/Installation Status” is a custom field and the Field Name is “anh_dev_sf_app__DeliveryInstalationStatus__c”

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