Notifications and Notifications Management

In SalesHood, users may receive notifications by email and mobile push notification. Below is a description of all of SalesHood’s notifications triggers by content type:

Huddle Event

Huddle Event ScheduledEmail and mobile push to host, participantsEmail, Mobile
48h Before Huddle Due DateEmail to participants who haven’t completed the Huddle.Email, Mobile
24h Summary ReportEmail to host and participants with updated completion summaryEmail
30m ReminderMobile push 30 minutes before scheduled huddle timeMobile

Huddle Exercise

Exercise SubmissionEmail to the host and participant’s primary and secondary managerEmail
Coaching/Standard CommentEmail to participant who’s response is being commented onEmail, Mobile
Exercise submission commentEmail to participant who submitted the exercise responseEmail

Huddle Video

@mention on Video Comment sectionEmail to @mentioned personEmail
Comment on VideoEmail to host containing commentEmail

Huddle Test

A test is submitted by participantEmail to Host and participant’s manager(s)Email
A test is resubmitted by participantEmail to Host and participant’s manager(s)Email
A test is Graded by Host or CoachEmail to participant and participant’s manager(s)Email

Huddle Plugin (LMS/SCORM)


Video UploadEmail to pitch creatorEmail
24 Hour Pitch AlertsEmail to host and participants 24 hours before Start, Upload By, Peer Review, and/or manager review datesEmail
Upload/Record Pitch1. Mobile push to Host, participant’s manager(s), and assigned Reviewers. 2. Email to participant notifying the video has been successfully uploadedEmail, Mobile
Pitch ReviewEmail sent to user participant being reviewed
Q&ASends email to participant’s manager(s) and host with an additional email to participant

Deal Win/Story

Deal Win or Story UploadMobile push to all usersMobile
Deal Win or Story CommentMobile push to the Deal Win/Story creatorMobile

Learning Path

Onboarding ReminderEmail to participant(s) which can be configured via Send Reminders in Admin tab of the path.Email


CommentsNotify when user is mentioned in the commentsEmail, Mobile
DescriptionsNotify when user is mentioned in descriptionsEmail
SubmissionsNotify when user is mentioned in submissionsEmail

Notifications Management

Users in SalesHood can customize their notification triggers. To do this, access the “Settings” on the menu bars:

Coaches and Company Admins can set their Organization’s default notifications for Huddles, Pitches, Learning Paths through the Company Notifications tab within “Settings.”

Notifications for all users default to recommended settings unless it is customized through the My Notifications tab:

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