New Homepage Components and Sorting Logic

This article describes how items are sorted and how they appear on the new Saleshood Homepage.


  • Event: A Learning Path or Huddle
  • Standalone Event: A Huddle Event which is NOT organized in a Learning Path
  • Pinned Event: Huddle that has been Pinned to the homepage by a Manager or Coach. These programs live in the Pinned section of the Saleshood homepage. Learn more about pinning content here.

Homepage Components

The Status Bar

 This takes you to the last Event you were viewing. Think of it as a bookmark for where you left off the last time you were on the platform:

My Work Tab

Contains Huddles and Learning Paths you’re assigned to or are participating in.

Content found within tab can be found according to the following logic:

  • Assigned Huddles and Scheduled Learning Paths appear at the top sorted by due date, then most overdue to due furthest in the future. If you are assigned to an event that is also Pinned, it will appear in your To Dos.
  • Self – Paced Learning Paths appear below this sorted by assigned date (assigned furthest in the past to assigned most recently).
  • Open events you have participated in appear below this sorted by participating date (most recent first).
    • “Participating” means any activity within the event (comment, watching a video, liking a post etc…)
  • Assigned events are removed from your To Do list after 30 days of inactivity after the due date has passed.
  • Self – Paced Learning paths are removed from your To Do list after 30 days of inactivity.
  • Open events are removed from your To Do list after 7 days of inactivity.
  • Due dates are Green when >7 days in the future, Orange when <=7 days in the future, and Red when overdue.

NOTE: After a program is removed from your My Work list, you can still view your assigned programs via the Working > Inactive section of your User Profile. Click here to learn more.

Completed Tab

 Contains all of the events you’ve completed from recently completed to oldest.

Hosted By Me Tab

 Contains all of the events you’re hosting from recent due date to oldest.

  • Shows all events you’re hosting by most overdue to due furthest in the future.
  • Self-Paced Learning Paths and Open Pitches/Huddles display below scheduled events by date you were added as the host of the event.
  • Events that are 100% complete by all participants move to the Completed Tab.
  • This tab only appears if you’re hosting any events.
  • This is the default tab for Coaches and Publishers.

Pinned Section

 Contains all events that have been pinned by Managers and Coaches:

Shows pinned events and files in updated date order starting with most recently updated.

  • Coaches see all pinned items, regardless who pinned them.

 Shows the videos from Stories, Deal Wins, Pitches, and Huddles with the most views over the past 7 days or that have been pinned by Coaches or Managers:

  • Shows the top videos ranked by number of views for the past 7 days on a rolling basis (i.e. each day the section updates by displaying videos from the last 7 days)
  • Pinned videos appear at the top of the list by pinned date (not affected by views or the 7-day rolling updates).

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