New Homepage Components and Sorting Logic

This article describes how items are sorted and how they appear on the new Saleshood Homepage.

Homepage Components


The Essentials section is contains all events and content that have been pinned by Managers and Coaches:

Learn more about Pinning Content to the Homepage here.

Assigned Learning

To Do Tab

Contains Huddles and Learning Paths you’re assigned to or are participating in.

Content found within tab can be found according to the following logic:

  • Assigned Huddles and Scheduled Learning Paths appear at the top sorted by due date, then most overdue to due furthest in the future. If you are assigned to an event that is also Pinned, it will appear in your To Dos.
  • Self – Paced Learning Paths appear below this sorted by assigned date (assigned furthest in the past to assigned most recently).
  • Open events you have participated in appear below this sorted by participating date (most recent first).
    • “Participating” means any activity within the event (comment, watching a video, liking a post etc…)
  • Assigned events are removed from your To Do list after 30 days of inactivity after the due date has passed.
  • Self – Paced Learning paths are removed from your To Do list after 30 days of inactivity.
  • Open events are removed from your To Do list after 7 days of inactivity.
  • Due dates are Green when >7 days in the future, Orange when <=7 days in the future, and Red when overdue.

NOTE: After a program is removed from your My Work list, you can still view your assigned programs via the Working > Inactive section of your User Profile. Click here to learn more.

At the top of the section in the blue box, the most recently worked on program can be found and accessed using the “Jump Back In” button.

Recently Completed Tab

Contains all of the events you’ve completed from recently completed to oldest in the last 30 days.

Note: After 30 days previously completed programs can be found in the User Profile.

Hosted By Me Tab

Contains all of the events you’re hosting from recent due date to oldest.

Content Spotlight

The Content Spotlight highlights various content found in your library and makes them easily visible to your users from the homepage.

Would you like your users to be able to see the most popular content on your instance?

The Trending section will display the top 20 most engaged pieces of content (Stories, Deal Wins, Pitches and Files) accessible to all users in the library. The engagement is based on the number of times a piece of content was viewed.


Keep your users up to date with the newest content added to the instance with the “New” section of the Content Spotlight.

The New section will automatically display the all the newest content added to the library that is accessible to your users.

Unviewed content will be marked with a red dot and will be unmarked after the content is viewed. Once content is viewed, it will remain in the New list for 2 days and will then be removed.

If you would like to clear the New list, you can use the “Dismiss All” button.


View your personal bookmarked programs and content in the “Bookmarks” section. To learn how to add bookmarks, click here.

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