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One of our goals at SalesHood is to make it easy for managers to run, manage, and review programs they launch for their teams. The Team Dashboard is a central location where Managers, Coaches, and Publishers can keep track of users assigned to them in SalesHood and is only available to these roles.

The Team Dashboard can be accessed at any time from the Homepage.

Team Dashboard Components (or “Widgets”)

Now let’s go a bit more in-depth and break down all of the different parts available in the Team Dashboard view, and how they can be useful to you!

Team List

This widget displays a list of all users assigned to your Team. If you have a large team, you can easily find and navigate to any user by clicking on the search bar and typing their name.


On your Team Dashboard homepage you will see a quick snapshot of your team’s performance in Programs broken down specific to a path, progress in all programs by participant, and how many programs have been assigned, are overdue, are coming due or complete.

Clicking on a team member’s name anywhere in the Team Dashboard will “drill down” and display all of that team member’s programs that they are currently assigned, as well as break down what they have completed, what is overdue, and what is coming due for that user:

Clicking on any of these programs will display a pop-up window that allows you to take a number of actions specific to that program, which are broken down below:

Easily view who on your team has completed a program

By clicking on the “Completed Only” and “Incompleted Only” filters:

Communicate to team members seamlessly

You can choose to email a specific team member, multiple team members, or your whole team and customize your message:

Get specific about your team in SalesHood

You can easily view a user’s profile, navigate to the program URL, view that user’s team member dashboard details, or schedule a Huddle specifically for selected user(s) on your team by hovering your mouse next to “Email” and click on the “…” that appear.

Export your team’s completion data to .csv on demand

Download your team’s live completion at any time! Your export will include a breakdown of your team members’ completion in each Huddle module (when downloading team Huddle event data), or completion in each Huddle event (when downloading team Learning Path data) by clicking on the download symbol in the upper righthand corner:

The Leaderboard

Know which of your reps are keeping on top of their assignments, and which team members might need a nudge. A quick way to celebrate users staying on top of their assignments, and correlate with their sales numbers to prove the company value-add of learning through SalesHood:

You can also view how many assignments each user has completed, their overall average program progress %, and the last day and time they logged in to the platform here at a glance.

How Your Team is Doing

This widget gives a quick, high-level glance at your team’s work in SalesHood. Easily keep track of how many assignments each team member is assigned, as well as how many they have overdue, upcoming, or have completed.

If any of the information in this article is unclear, or you have further questions, please reach out to and we will be happy to assist you.

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