Move a huddle / file into a category

(Please click here to first learn how to create a category)

*SalesHood Premium Content (content pre-populatd by SalesHood) cannot be moved into a different category. The best practice to moving a SalesHood Premium content is to first clone it, then move the cloned copy to the new category. Also please keep in mind to hide the original SalesHood Premium Content afterward.

Please follow these steps to move a huddle and/or file into a new category or subcategory.

Step 1: Access the content library then choose the category of the existing huddle/file

Step 2a: Locate the huddle/file and click on the [3-dot] option button at the top right of the thumbnail. Choose Move from the drop-down menu.

Step 2b: You can also switch to the List View and choose the huddle/file from the itemized list by clicking on the box, as shown below:

Step 3: Click [Move].

Thumbnail View:

Step 4: Select the new category

* Subcategories are denoted by the line in front of the name

Step 5: Click “Move”

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