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SalesHood recently rolled out the Beta version of the Content Module in which the library is rebranded with the new look largely referred as Modern View. The Modern Library is available across all the customer instances.

Modern View of the library makes the user experience even better by introducing amazing UI like arranging the library cards using the Drag & Drop, simplified Archived section, easily visible Advanced Search and many more. So let’s dive in and learn more about the Modern Library in detail.

Accessing the Modern Library

You are just 2 steps away from accessing the Modern Library.

  1. On the Global Navigation Menu > click Content Beta
  2. Navigate to the Library

Modern Library access based on Roles

  1. The Coach and Publisher have default access to all the library content in Modern View.
    • They also have the right to manage all the content.
  2. The Manager and Individual user have Viewer access to all the library content unless Permission Settings applied to any content.

Features of Modern Library

From a Coach and Publisher perspective let’s see what you’ve got and how best you can arrange the content within the Modern Library

Easy way to select the content

Should you want to select one or multiple files/folders to move them to a different folder, delete them altogether, etc. you can now do that by hovering over to the top-left of the content and selecting the square box.

Bulk action for multiple files/folders

As explained in the above section, the Modern Library allows multiple files selection at once which helps in performing actions like:

  • Bulk files deletion
  • Moving selected files to another location at once
  • Copying to Partner instance
  • Archiving the selected files
  • Updating Tags altogether for selected files
  • Configuring Shareability
  • Sharing External Facing files to Buyer Site

Drag and Drop the content

Simply Drag and Drop the library files or folders to arrange their order or move them into another category

Search within the folder

The Search Box is available in each folder in the Modern View. As a result, your search is now more comprehensive. You can search for a specific content inside a folder by simply entering the Title in the search box located top-left.  

Re-sync third-party asset

The content added in SalesHood library via third-party apps like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. may become out-of-sync due to number of reasons including but not limited to Content Owner Deactivation, etc. More info on out-of-sync asset can be found in this article.

This out-of-sync can be easily re-synced from the Modern Library using the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the out-of-sync content
  2. Hover over the content thumbnail
  3. Click Reauthorize

Share External Facing content directly to Buyer Site

A file in SalesHood Library that has External Facing enabled can be added to any Buyer Site directly from the Modern Library using the Share via Buyer Sites functionality:

  1. Select the External Facing file
  2. Click on the Share via Buyer Sites

In the Modern Library you now have control over the content to display. You can easily Filter down the content that you want to see. Different Filters like Content Type, Tags, Owner, Created Date, Modified Date, and External Facing are available to show the relevant library content.

Different Filters can be applied by selecting them from the menu.

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