Modern Huddle Published and Unpublished View

Saleshood is now introducing a new Modern UI for huddles and huddle creation. This guide will go over the the new UI in its published and unpublished state.

Please note that while the Modern Huddle UI is currently active, there are limited modules that can be currently viewed and edited with the new UI. For these modules, you may be required to revert back to the huddle “Classic View” to view or make changes. More modules will be added along with future releases. 

At this time. both the Classic view of the huddle and the new huddle UI can be swapped using the “Swap to Modern View” or “Swap to Classic View” buttons in the top right corner.

Published View of a Huddle


The Overview tab acts as the homepage of the huddle where participants can view basic information on the huddle:

  1. If the Huddle is a Scheduled huddle, the Due Date and Private/Public status can be seen.
  2. This box contains the huddle thumbnail as well 3 text categories for your users to enter a:
    • Description: Or a write up of what topics will be covered by the huddle
    • Instructions: Advise users of their instructions for the huddle
    • Outcomes: What are the goals and outcomes users will achieve by completing this huddle
  3. Modules will list the modules contained in the huddle
  4. Resources: Lists supporting files associated with the huddle


The Leaderboad allows users to view and manage the participants within a huddle.

  1. Use the Search bar to search for particular participants within a huddle. You can also use the drop list to filter the user view by “All ” or “My Team”
  2. Add Participants: Coaches and Publishers have the ability to add users to a scheduled huddle by clicking on this button and selecting users to add
  3. This area will provide the list of participants within the huddle. Coaches and Publishers will be able to remove participants as well as grant completion overrides for the huddle


The Information tab provides the following info about the huddle:

  1. Information:
    • Category: the cateory folder a huddle is located in within the library
    • Duration: Estimated amount of time the course should take
    • Creator: The huddle creator
    • Date Created
    • Date Modified
  2. Tags: List the tags currently assigned to the huddle


In the Settings option, Coaches and Publishers can use the “edit” button in to make changes to the Host. Due Date, Publicity, and Invite/Reminder emails sent to participants.

Clicking on the “Edit” button in the settings screen will open the “Edit Event” window where huddle changes can be made.

Unpublished View

If a huddle needs to be modified, use the blue “Edit” button at the top of the screen to place it into a Unpublished mode for editing.

Once placed in the Edit mode the following pages can be seen:


  1. Title of the Huddle: the name of the huddle can be edited here
  2. In this box the Huddle Thumbnail, Description, Instructions, and Outcomes can be edited
  3. Modules: Module can be added to the list by clicking and dragging a module from the “Module Types” column into the list. You can change the order of the modules by clicking and dragging a listed module into the placement you would like
  4. Resources: Click on the “+” to add supporting files and links to a huddle


  1. Information: In the information box, the Category and Duration time can be modified for the huddle
  2. Tags: Use the “Add Tags” button to select and unselect the tags assigned to the huddle


  1. Huddle Options: Turn the “Activities only visible to Managers, Publishers and Coaches” option on or off for the huddle

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