How to Add and Manage Huddle Modules

This article will go over how to add and manage modules in a huddle.

Please note that while the New Huddle UI is currently active, there are limited modules that can be currently viewed with the new UI. In these cases you may need to revert back to the huddle “Classic View” to view and make changes to modules. This page will be updated as more modules will be added along with future releases.

Huddle Management

Adding a Module

Modules can be added to a huddle while in an unpublished/edit mode. On the “Overview” screen, modules can be added by dragging the module you would like from the “Module Type” column and dropping it into the list on the left hand side according to your desired order.

Alternatively you can also add a module while editing other modules by selecting “Add Module” on the left hand menu.

Duplicate a Module

If you would like to make a copy of module you have already created, from the Overview screen you can create a duplicate by hovering your cursor on the right side of the module box and clicking on the paper sheet icon labeled “Duplicate”.

This will create a new module called ” [Module Name] – Copy”.

If you are editing a module, you can also make a duplicate a module by clicking on the “…” next to the name of the module on the left hand side, and select the “Clone” option.

Delete a Module

To remove a module hover your cursor on the right side of the module box and select the “Delete” trash icon.

If you are editing a module, you can also delete a module by either clicking on the “…” next to the name of the module on the left hand side, and select the “Delete” option or clicking on the “…” next to the save button on the right and selecting “Delete”.

Change the Order of the Modules in a Huddle

To change the order of the modules, on the Overview screen click and hold the “::” icon on the left side of the module block to drag it up and down the list modules. Once you release the mouse, your module will be moved to the placement you dragged it to.

If you are on a module edit screen, you can also change the order of the modules by clicking the “::” next to the module name on the left hand menu and dragging it into the order you would like.

Module Types

Within the Modern Huddle view the following modules are currently viewable and editable:

Video Module

Video modules allow you to upload a video for your participants to watch, and their completion progress is tracked based on Video Watching Time (in minutes). They must watch at least 90% of the video to receive credit for the module.

You can upload any video file type except those listed as forbidden in our supported file types, and for the best experience we recommend using MP4 or WMV files. The Video Slides Sync feature allows you to add slide images timed to your video.

Exercise Module

Exercise modules allow you to ask your team questions and start a dialogue around the Huddle topic.

Exercises have multiple Question Types to select from: text, date, star rating, deal, discovery, slider and file upload.

Pitch Module

Pitch modules allow your participants to record and upload a video that is reviewed by their peers and Manager/Host, or by just the Manager/Host – depending on the settings you choose. You can now include instructions advising your participants of what should be included in the pitch

With the Pitch Scorecard feature, you can set up to 8 criteria that the Pitch submissions will be scored against. The participant’s overall score will be the average of all the criteria.

You can find more in-depth info on Pitches here, for both states: published and unpublished.

Test Module

Test modules allow you to test your participants on their knowledge of the content. You can use the Prerequisite Module setting to designate a prerequisite module(s) that must be fully completed before the user can interact with the test.

For scheduled Huddles, you can set the Test Grader to either the Host or the participant’s Manager. For open huddles, the test grader is the participant’s Manager (because there is no Host for open content).

The Options settings is where you can set the # of attempts for the test (single, multiple – unlimited, or multiple – limited), and set a Required Minimum Score to pass.

You have 3 options for the Question Type: multiple choice – one answer, multiple choice – multiple answers, or essay – short answer. You can add an explanation for each answer (optional).

Plugin Module

Plugin modules allow you to add LMS/SCORM content to your Huddle, which must be uploaded as a SCORM 1.2 compliant .zip file. The module will default to the recommended settings, and you can adjust the Dimension settings if needed.

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