Modern Asset View


The file preview experience in SalesHood is better than ever. With the new Asset View, viewing a native file or third-party synced file is easier and friendlier.

(Screenshot of the Modern Asset View)

What files can be previewed in the Modern Asset View

  • Any natively uploaded files (uploaded from the computer into SalesHood)
  • Any file synced from Google, Dropbox, Box, Sharepoint, Shufflrr can also be previewed in the Asset View

Components of the Modern Asset View

The table below contains the Components of Modern Asset View and its usage.

View the content OwnerCreated Date, Last Modified Date, Expiration Date and View Counts.

Other options in Information

-Original Asset Location
-Integration: To spotlight content in Guided Selling
Share Via Buyer Site
Add the content to any existing or new Buyer Site directly from this option
Directly Bookmark the content under the Content Spotlight on your Homepage
Find more options to Replace the content, Move the content to another location, Download, and more.
Open in a New Tab
Clicking on this button will let the file open in a new browser tab.
Asset Info
Find Asset Description and basic info here. 
Rate the asset out of 5 Stars 
CommentAdd a comment on the content 

Some FAQs about the Modern Asset View

1. Why is the file not previewing for me?

Depending on several factors like File Permissions, VPN in your device, etc. the file may not be previewed correctly.

We strongly recommend to install the SalesHood Chrome Extensionin your browser and try again.

2. I am seeing an error “This file is too large to preview”

Although there is no size limit for the file to upload, we advise you to try compressing the file size and re-uploading should the above error is experienced.

3. The file is updated in Google Drive but it’s still not updated in SalesHood

Any update to the file in Google Drive or any other third-party application is not reflected instantaneously in SalesHood. Please allow up to an hour to reflect the changes.

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