@Mentioning Users, Groups, Teams, and Segments

Within the SalesHood app, you can @ mention a single user, a Team, Group, or Segment by typing “@” then the name of that user or user subset that you want to mention. You can use the @ mention functionality to mention users in Comments, Exercise Submissions, and Huddle, Learning Path, or Video Descriptions.

As you type, SalesHood will automatically make suggestions that match to your keystrokes. Select a name from the suggestion list to easily @mention them on your content!

@Mention Notifications

Submitting an @mention will trigger an email to the user(s) which contains a link to the exact comment and page where they were mentioned.

These email notifications can be controlled by accessing the Company or Personal Settings > Notifications > Mentions.

If you have any questions or need further assistance with this feature, please reach out to support@saleshood.com.

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