Marketplace is one of the components of the Content Module which contains the SalesHood default categories/content like SalesHood Templates and Tutorials, SalesHood Admin Training, etc.

The SalesHood default content in the Marketplace is Read-Only. It can be copied over at a desired location in the library. Once the content/categories are copied over in the library, they become accessible.

Who can access the Marketplace?

A user with the Coach, Publisher, and Company Admin Roles can only access the Marketplace and copy the content from Marketplace to the instance library.

How to copy the Content from Marketplace to Library?

Copying the content from Marketplace to any desired library destination is easy and simple.

A Coach, Publisher can use the following steps:

  1. Access the Marketplace from the Content Module
  2. Navigate to the SalesHood content
  3. Hover over the content > click on Options (3 dots)
  4. Click Copy to Library

The Next pop-up Modal lets you select the location where you would like the SalesHood content to be copied over. You can simply select the desired folder from the drop-down list and click Copy.

Important points regarding Marketplace

  • SalesHood has all the control over the content available in the Marketplace.
  • Any changes SalesHood make to the original default content in Marketplace will not be reflected to the content you have copied over in the Library.
  • At once, multiple content in Marketplace can be selected and copied over at the same location.

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