Configure SAML on Okta in Production Environment

Instructions for installing and configuring SalesHood to use SAML on Okta in your SalesHood Production Environment.

Step 1: Add SalesHood Application

When you have logged into your Okta account, search for “SalesHood” on the Okta Admin dashboard:

Step 2: Add Your Company’s Subdomain

* This will be only the subdomain name and not the full URL 

Step 3: Assign People of Your Company

* You can also setup the Okta SCIM application to provision users: Setup SCIM Okta application for provisioning

(The users should match the users from SalesHood’s Manage Users page)

Step 4: App Console

After assigning, click Next. Okta will navigate to the app console.

Step 5: Send Certificate to SalesHood Support

Click View Setup Instructions.

  1. Copy ‘Login URL/SignOn URL’
  2. Copy ‘x509 Certificate’ (preferably copy as text format or download)
  3. Email both pieces of data to to activate

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