Logging in with Salesforce SSO (Single Sign On)

Salesforce SSO (Single Sign-On) can be used as a way for your users to log into Saleshood. To enable Salesforce SSO please contact our Support Team (support@saleshood.com) to get started. Once enabled, please follow these steps to log in:

1. Navigate to your company SalesHood URL and click the blue Login to SalesHood button.

The URL is typically formatted with the subdomain, such as: https://[companyname].saleshood.com

2. You will be redirected to the Salesforce login page (same one to log into Salesforce). Type in your login credentials to login.

3. After authenticating your login, you will be asked to “allow” SalesHood to view your Salesforce user information.  Please ACCEPT or ALLOW.

* If you run into an issue with Salesforce login, please contact your Salesforce Administrator to ensure that your SFDC account is correctly permissioned to login to SalesHood.

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