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Live Event is an important part of a training and on-boarding process. Using the Live Event in a Huddle, participants can be invited to attend a live session in order to develop a stronger and effective experience.

Live Event is a Huddle Module which can be added to both Open and Scheduled Huddle to have a better participation experience. A Live Event could include a virtual meeting, webinar, in-person training session, etc.

How to add a Live Event

Live Event can be added while creating a new Open/Scheduled Huddle or into an existing Huddle.

To include a Live Event to a Huddle, from the Huddle Overview page, select the “Include Live Event” box and the Live Event Module will be added to the Huddle.

Setting up a Live Event Module

Once a Live Event has been added into the Huddle, the next step includes setting-up the Live Event.

The Live Event Module page is very easy to navigate and the user needs to fill out the basic info such as Module Name, Date, Event Start and End Time. Other event details such as Module Options, Link, Location, and Description can also be added.

Include a Pre-Work and/or a Post-Work in the Live Event

Adding a Live Event to a Huddle enables an option to add the Pre-Work and Post-Work Modules for the participants.

A Huddle creator can click on the “Add pre-work module” or “Add post-work module” to add different modules for the users to complete before and/or after the Live Event respectively.

Any Huddle Modules or Exercise Templates can be selected by clicking on the “Add pre-work module” or “Add post-work module” option and added into the Huddle.

Make the Post-Work Module available before the Live Event ends

By default, the participants of a Huddle included in the Live Event module will not be able to access the Post-Work modules until the Live Event has ended.

However, in the Live Event Module there is an option “Post-work modules are available before the end of Live Event” which allows the participants to access the Post-Work Module before the Live Event ends. Selecting this option will enable the participants to access the Post-Work Module before the Live Event has ended.

Make the Post-Work Module(s) optional for the participants that attended the Live Event

This option allows the participants who attended the Live Event to not go through the Post-Work Module. By just one click, the platform will automatically mark the Post-Work Module complete for the Live Event attendees.

Every Post-Work Module comes with an option “Automatically mark this module as completed for attendees of the Live Event”. Selecting this box will mark the Live Event attendees Module completion without having them go through the Module.

How to keep track of who attended the Live Event?

After the Huddle is Published, a Coach and the Huddle Host can add the event attendees by going to the Live Event Module and clicking on the Add Attendees.

Add Attendees feature allows you to keep a track of all the participants who attended/will be attending the Live Event without doing any manual work. This feature will keep a track of all the Live Events attendees you add.

There are two way to add attendees:

  1. Add Attendees Manually
  2. Using a File Upload

Add Attendees Manually

To add the attendees manually, simply click on the Add Attendees option and select Add Attendees manually.  

A Box to Add Attendees Manually will appear in which you can add the attendee’s names or emails separated by new line or you may also paste a spreadsheet column into the box. Once the names/emails have been added, click on the Review.

In the “Review Attendee List” window, you can review the attendees before adding them. Also, if you want to Remove any Attendee before they’re added, hover over to the right and click Remove icon.  

In case the system identifies multiple matches with same name(s), the rich functionality of the platform allows you to select the correct attendee from the “Review Attendee List” itself. You can click on the “Select correct match” and select the right attendee.

Add Attendees using a File Upload

The platform allows you to add the attendees to the event using a File Upload as well. If you have a large number of attendees this option works best by simply uploading the file containing attendee’s information.

Click on the Add Attendees and select Upload File

Once the file is uploaded, the system will automatically read in and match the names and emails from the file to Users in SalesHood. Drag the Names, Emails columns into the Map Columns to have the system match for the attendees based on their names/emails. Review Attendee List and click Ok. The attendees will then be added to the event. 

Add Live Event to Calendar

The Huddle Participants with a Live Event Module can add the event to their calendar. The Live Event and all its information gets added to the participant’s calendar by clicking on the Add to your calendar option and selecting the preferred calendar.

The Supported Calendar options include

  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook Calendar
  • Apple Calendar

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