SalesHood Analytics – Line Charts

Line charts can display changes in measures across time or progress across a series of stages.

Configure the Trend by section and add Date or Attribute to you display a trend line. Trend lines connect individual measures/attribute values.


Test Score by Month (Huddle Category)
(Image 1)

A. In the example above (Image 1), we are trying to determine which huddle topic (categories) team struggle with. To do this, we have created a line chart.

  • Measures: We have added “Average Test Score” as the metric we’re using to determine whether a team is struggling with the content
  • Trend by: We want the data to trend by “Huddle Category”
  • Segment by: We want it broken down by “User Manager”
  • This chart was able to show us the categories “Product Training,” “SalesHood History,” had low test scores.

We can also determine which month had the lowest test score using the Line Chart.

B. In the example above (Image 2), we have configured the following:

  • Measure: Average Test Score (our metrics)
  • Trend by: Date (as we want to see a trend by dates); we further have broken the completion date by Month.
  • Segment by: We have segmented the data set by User

From the Line Chart, we have determined that September 2018 had the lowest test score, while October had a higher test score. This would be useful for analyzing tests that span multiple months.

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