Library Access Logic

The Library is the repository of all content in your instance, and is available to users via the navigation bar on their Homepage.

Who can access what in the Library depends on two things: the content/category structure (open vs scheduled, confidential, etc) and the user’s Role in SalesHood.


Customer-created Categories

The categories created by Publishers/Coaches in your instance are accessible by all users, with the exception of Confidential Categories (see below).

The Open programs within your categories can be viewed by all users, and Scheduled programs can only be viewed by Coaches, Publishers, and assigned Participants.

Deal Wins and Stories

Deal Wins and Stories are social categories that are accessible to all users.

SalesHood Categories, Premium Content and Selling Through Curiosity

This content is a mix of Open and Scheduled huddles. Open content can be accessed by everyone, and Scheduled content is restricted by Role/assignment.

Note: SalesHood Premium Content and Selling Through Curiosity are paid add-on features, please contact your Account Rep or to enable.

Categories with Permissions

Categories that have set access permissions will be marked with a lock icon. Learn more about adding Category Permissions here.

Archived Categories and Content

Coaches have the ability to archive outdated, but valuable content found within their Library. This allows them to better organize their content, by allowing only the most current content to be immediately visible to users.

Learn more about archived content here.

Trash Category

Access deleted content through the Trash category. Here you can restore any content that may have been accidentally deleted or permanently delete content from your library.


Huddle templates have different access rules, depending on whether they are open or scheduled.

Open Huddles

Open huddles are searchable and accessible for all users.

Scheduled Huddles


Scheduled huddle templates are the read-only “shell,” from which events are made. All users can view scheduled Huddle templates in the Library, as well as access via direct URL. Only Coaches and Publishers can search for scheduled Huddle templates.

From within the Huddle template, Coaches and Publishers can schedule events for all users, and Managers can schedule events for their team.


Events are where users go to participate in scheduled content, and they are displayed within the template on the righthand side of the page.

Only Coaches and Publishers can access all Huddle events. Managers can access the events they’ve scheduled for their team, and events assigned to them – as the Host or a Participant. Individuals can only access events they’ve been assigned to, either directly or as part of a Group/Team/Segment.

Note: If user is provided with a URL for an event they are not assigned to, they will encounter a “403 – Access is denied” error when attempting to access. They must be assigned first.

Supporting Documents


Supporting documents attached to a Huddle inherit the same permission restrictions of the content they are attached to.

Synced Files

For synced files, users will need to have the appropriate permissions in the data source (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) in order to access or download these files in the Library.

Partner Instance Content

Partner Instances are an add-on feature which allow you to add users from outside of your organization to a linked instance, so they can only access specific content and not your main Library.

Once your Partner instance is set up, Coaches and Publishers can push content from the Main instance to the Partner instance with the “copy to Partner” feature.

Check out our article on Partner Instances to learn more about this feature.

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