Learning Path Overview

What is a Learning Path?

Learning Path is a structured curriculum in SalesHood which allows creators the ability to organize Huddles and Files together, as well as measure aggregate completion of assigned participants under one program.

Some common use cases for Learning Paths include: onboarding, time-sensitive training (such as annual security training), and product training.

How to Create a Learning Path

There are a few ways to create a Learning Path in SalesHood. However, this ability is only accessible to Coach, Publisher, and Manager role users (Managers can create for their own Team only).

From the Paths Tab

  1. Click on the Paths tab in the navigation bar
  2. Click the “+ Create New Learning Path” button

From the Universal Content Creator

  1. Click on the “+” icon to expand the Universal Content Creator dropdown.
  2. Click on “Learning Path”

This will display the Create New Learning Path popup where you can configure your path:

There are two Learning Path types:

  • Scheduled: has a specific due date
  • Self-paced: no due date

Modules in a Learning Path

Learning Paths contain the following 5 modules:

Start Here – contains the title, intro video, goals, category, Host, Participants list and also the Publishing features that are only visible to Coaches/Publishers/Hosts (Publish, Clone, Hidden Activities, Email Team, Delete)

Schedule – this module is where you add/manage the type, weeks, programs, supporting documents, and reminders (Participants see this tab as view-only, they cannot add/manage programs, files or users)

Milestones – this module tracks the progress of all Participants’ completion within the learning path by the category of the content

Reports – this module allows Hosts/Coaches to view and export a report on the progress of the Participants in the path

Admin – this module is only available to Coaches/Hosts, and allows them to manually give completion credit to Participants for some or all programs in the Path


  • Learning Paths do not have Open capability, users must be assigned to the path in order to participate
  • Learning Paths now exist in the Library alongside Huddles and Files as of the December Release: https://support.saleshood.com/2019/12/saleshood-release-december-2019/
  • Homepage Components and Sorting Logic applies to all path types
  • We recommend using Scheduled (due date) for short-term paths with a specific end date (ex: annual security training), and Self-paced for long-term paths that will have Participants continually added over time (ex: onboarding and product training)
  • Learning Paths now support Hidden Activities

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