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SalesHood supports multiple end-user languages. Users can easily choose their local language from the available languages in their Personal Setting. The language localization is available on both the web and the mobile versions of the app.

As we have grown over the years, we have made sure to support multiple languages to drive more success to our clients and partners located in different regions. With more languages coming into effect, the user, from their Personal Settings can set their preferred language as the default app language allowing them to access the entire app in the selected localization.

Supported Languages in SalesHood


English is the language that SalesHood supports by default. Navigating the platform and its content is done in English by default.


SalesHood is now also supported in French. The user wish access the platform in French can now change the language to French. The French language is available in the platform as François.


Users from the Spanish community can now avail the opportunity to use the SalesHood platform in Spanish. The Spanish language is available in SalesHood as Español de América in the platform.

Portuguese (Brasil)

The Portuguese language of the Brazilian descent is available in the SalesHood app as português (Brasil). Users wanting to use the app in Portuguese can switch to this language.

Portuguese (Portugal)

Not only Portuguese of the Brazilian region but also from the Portugal region is supported and available in the SalesHood app as português (Portugal). As the language differs by region, selecting Portuguese per the region will benefit the users to view the platform in the language they desire.  


Users worldwide having their native language as German can now easily change the language in SalesHood to German making it easier to navigate. German is available in SalesHood as Deutsch.

How to change the Language in SalesHood

From the available languages, changing the platform language of your choice is very easy and can be done in just a few steps.

Any User regardless of Role can now change the language in their SalesHood Mobile/ Web application in just few steps

  1. Go to the Hamburger Menu
  2. Click on the Personal Settings
  3. Access the Language & Region
  4. Select the preferred language from the drop-down

Changing Language in the Mobile App

From the Mobile App, a User can change the language by simply clicking on the Profile Icon located on the top left and selecting Language.

Multi-language Transcription in SalesHood

What is a Transcription?

In SalesHood, the videos added as the Stories, Deal Wins or as a Modules of a Huddle can now be transcribed in a local languages supported in SalesHood. Means, the transcription of the video is made available in the local languages supported by the platform. Videos are initially transcribed in the default language of the user that uploaded the video and can be changed (transcribed) to any other language.

Currently, the video transcription is supported in the following languages:

  • François
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Chinese (Simplified)

Only a Coach, Publisher and the User who uploaded the video can update the language of the transcript in a video.

How to change the Transcript Language of a video?

Changing the transcript language of the video is very easy and can be done in a few clicks.

  1. In the video player > click on the CC (Captions) option
  2. Select Transcript
  3. Click Transcript Settings and navigate to Update Language
  4. Choose the new language for the transcription

Note: The new selected transcript may take some time to update. The transcript in every new language is only available when the system completes the transcription.

Download the Transcript of a video

Furthermore, the option to Download the Transcript is also available within the Video Player.

Should you like to download the transcript of a video, you can do so by clicking on the Download Transcript option and selecting the format of the download file between .vtt and .txt

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