Keep Completion in a Learning Path

This article will go over the ways user completion can be maintained in a Learning Path.

Keeping User Huddle Completion

While building a Learning Path, you may run into instances where you add in a Scheduled Huddle that participants of a Learning Path have completed before. Instead of having your users work on the same content again, Scheduled Huddles set to keep a user’s huddle completion from the last huddle event they have participated in.

When carrying over previous huddle completion, a user’s pitch, exercise, and test submissions will be carried over.

*Note: if you are adding an Open Huddle to a Learning Path, since there is only one event that is used across all programs the Open Huddle exists in, a user’s completion will always be shared.

How to Keep Huddle Completion (Plus Example)

  • Keep Huddle Completion – If a user has completed a Scheduled Huddle, use their completion from a previous Huddle Event in the Learning Path

NOTE: Completion will be pulled from the most recent Huddle event each individual user participated in


If you have a user who completed a Scheduled Huddle in a Huddle Event due on March 8th. When adding the same huddle to the Learning Path, by selecting the “Keep Huddle Completion” option, the same completion from the previous event will be carried over

Keep Completed Participants Completion

Sometimes after running a program, the creator may want to make updates or add onto the existing Learning Path. However, what does this mean for users that have already completed the Learning Path?

We want to give you as much flexibility as possible when running your programs in SalesHood, so we’ve introduced a tool to allow you to keep participation static for the Huddle, even when adding to a  Learning Path that a user previously completed.

How to Keep Completed Participants Completion (Plus an Example)


You created an onboarding Learning Path for a new user that joined the company recently. The user went through and completed the Learning Path to 100%.

You now have a second user joining the company that you want to run this Learning Path for. You would like to re-use the same Path, but you have some newly created policies that you also need to add as another Huddle.

You want to keep your first user’s completion history in-tact at 100% because he’s already completed the Learning Path, but also allow another user to be added to this same Path and complete the additional Huddle.

This is where the “Keep completed participants completion” checkbox comes in!

Simply make sure that the “Keep completed participants completion” checkbox is checked when adding a new Huddle to the Learning Path:

  • Keep completed participants completion – If a user assigned to the Learning Path already completed the Path,  keep that user’s completion at 100% after adding a new Huddle to the Path.

NOTE: The “Keep Completed Participants Completion” option is only selectable for new huddles once a participant in the LP has reached 100% completion.

The “Keep Completed Participants Completion” option can only be applied when adding new Huddles to a Learning Path. At that time a completion override will be granted to to any user with 100% completion.

How to Undo Completion Override

Once the 100% completion override is granted to a user through the
“Keep Completed Participants Completion” the LP Host and Coaches can undo the completion for individual users by accessing the Admin Tab and unchecking the completion box under their name.

If you have any questions or need further assistance with this feature, please reach out to

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