Intellum Integration

We’ve listed some FAQ’s and information regarding the role workflows in Intellum for Publishers, Primary Managers, and Learners/Participant.

If you would like to activate Intellum integration for your instance please reach out to for assistance.

Workflow for Publisher

  • The publisher prepares the path in Intellum.
  • The Path’s content that is linked to SalesHood pitch must have the course code (view screenshot). Code should be set according to Intellum’s standard, but it should be one string of characters without any spaces. One code is different from among activities and must be unique. This means two activities cannot use the same code.
  • Next, the Publisher needs to create a Huddle with Pitch in SalesHood with the scorecard turned ON. In the Pitch Module, there is a Course Code (Intellum) field. They must type in the same course code from Path’s activity which links to this SalesHood Pitch.
  • After publishing this huddle, the Publisher copies the huddle event URL back to Intellum’s Activity.

Learner/ Participant Workflow

  • Access Intellum Path’s Activity, click on the link to SalesHood Pitch.
  • Participant will navigate to the SalesHood app, login and access to the Pitch module and then will upload their pitch.

Primary Manager Workflow

  • Primary Manager will receive notifications to review their team members’s video.
  • After the score is given and submitted, SalesHood will perform the process to update the completion status (with score) of this participant to Intellum. Currently, the threshold is set as 80%.
  • This update is triggered and processed in the background. It should be done within two to three minutes.
  • The final result should look like either of the photos below:
  • If the result is failed and the participants wants to redo the pitch, we will update their status as in-progress to Intellum when they remove the video. This update is also done in two minutes.
  • When they upload new video and are given the scores, the process to update new completion status will be the same process as above.


Potential issue

Potential cause

The status of enrolment is not updated in Intellum.
1) The course code is empty in Pitch Module.

2) The course code in both Pitch Module and Intellum’s Activity doesn’t match.

3) The update job is failed, must be checked by dev because it happens in background.

4) This participant is not an enrollment of this activity in Intellum.

Status is updated without a score
1) The Scorecard is disabled.

2) The course code is empty in Pitch Module (*).

3) The course code in both Pitch Module and Intellum’s Activity doesn’t match (*).

(*): For link activity in Intellum, when  the enrollment clicks on the link, the status will update to passed as their system.

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