Integrating SalesHood Reporting API with Tableau

This guide shows you how to connect your SalesHood instance data in so that you can start making reports and correlations in Tableau.

Please be advised that this an overview to integrate specifically with SalesHood’s APIs, and will not cover everything you need to use Tableau.

This article is not a substitute for learning the tool itself!

Step 1: Access the Web Data Connector (WDC)

With Tableau open, go to Connect To a ServerWeb Data Connector:

In the URL bar, type the address to our server:

This will display the setup menu to connect to your datasets:

  • API endpoint: leave as is.
  • Token: This is where you put in your unique token, which can be generated by following this article.
  • Dataset types: This is where you will select the datasets which are relevant to the data you would like to report on. You can select multiple datasets to pull in all relevant data.

Need help deciding which datasets to pull? Please reach out to for assistance.

Step 2: Building Relationships

Once the data has been imported successfully, you can now build relationships between the tables. Drag and drop the datasets into the top half of the builder to connect:

Once your relationships have been built, you’re ready to open your worksheet and start building your reports.

Need help building relationships between your datasets? Please reach out to for further assistance.

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