Installing the SalesHood/Salesforce Guided Selling App From AppExchange

This article will go over how to install the Saleshood Guided Selling app from the Salesforce AppExchange into your instance.

Before installing the app, first contact your SalesHood customer success manager, sales representative or our Support team to confirm that the app will be installed on the instance.

How to Install the Guided Selling App

To install the SalesHood Guided Selling app, please follow these steps:

Step 1:  Navigate to the Salesforce AppExchange

Step 2:  Search for SalesHood and select the “Saleshood Guided Selling” app

Step 3:  Please read the Overview and Details, then select Get It Now.

Step 4:  Log into the AppExchange using your Salesforce login by clicking Log In.

Step 5:  Select to either install into your organization’s Production or Sandbox.

Step 6:  Please read the terms and conditions, check the box to agree that you’ve read it, then click Confirm and Install!

Step 7:  Select the Salesforce profile of users you’d like to have access to the SalesHood/Salesforce Content Management Application. After selecting the profile, click Install.

If you are installing a newer version of the Guided Selling App, the Install button may say Upgrade instead.

Step 8:  Wait a few seconds for the app to install into the Salesforce instance then click Done.

Step 9:  After completing the installation, please refer to this document:

Configure the SalesHood Application within Salesforce

If you encounter the message below, please contact Your Salesforce Edition might not be supported.

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