How videos are populated on the home page trending feed

For every company instance in SalesHood, there is a trending video feed panel showcasing different videos that users in the company have uploaded. This feed populates for every user’s home page.

The trending feed is an interactive way for users to view the different Certification and Deal Win videos that have been uploaded throughout their organization. Users are able to scroll and view the activities that other teams in their company are involved in.

There are two video types that are displayed on the feed: Certifications and Deal Wins. The way these video types are distributed are by:

1. Videos trending in the last 30 days based on # of views plus # of comments
2. Videos trending out of that 30 day period. (Videos for each section are then sorted by number of views followed by date created)

Here’s an example of how the trending video feed looks on a home page: 

*Previous behavior required Certification videos with a 70% rated score to appear on the home page video feed. The current behavior is any Certification video 0% and above will populate on the feed. 

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