How to Set Up A Test

This article will cover how to create, configure, and run a Test (also called a Quiz or Assessment Module).

1. Create the Huddle

First, create a Huddle via the Universal Content Creator dropdown in the upper-lefthand corner.

You can create the Huddle as either:

  • Scheduled (meaning it will have a due date, a Host, and is assigned to participant users) or,
  • Open (meaning it will have no due date, no host, and is not assignable – think of these Huddles as reference content that users can check out anytime)

2. Add a Test Module

After you’ve configured the Overview module (or Huddle “landing page”), you will add in your Test module. Make sure to also click “Save” on this page before creating the Test module!

3. Configure the Module

This will be broken down into parts, and walk through each option from the top of the page to the bottom.

  1. Module Name: This will also appear in the module selector bar above the modules themselves as participants move through the Huddle.
  2. Module Type (Optional): You can choose to make your Test “optional” – this means that participation will not impact overall completion of the Huddle, or any Learning Paths this Huddle is added to.
  3. Module Type (Prerequisite): This will allow you to set other modules as required before the user may take this quiz.
  4. Description: This textbox will allow you to define what the assessment is on. Add any additional instructions you’d like the users to see in this area.
  1. Video: This will allow you to upload a video that will appear to the right of the Test itself. Use this feature if you’d like to record some brief instructions or test users based on the content of a video of your choice.
  2. Video Slides Sync: If you’d like to select a video for the module, you can also use our timing editor to add .jpeg, images, a .ppt/.pptx file, or a .zip of your images and configure them to present at specific points during the video selected.
  3. Test Grader: Assign who is the grader of the test (Can be set to the Event Host, a participant’s Primary Manager, or a participant’s Secondary Manager)
  4. Options (Attempts): This is where you can decide how many times a user can try to pass the quiz. You can allow one attempt, multiple attempts, set a maximum number of attempts, or allow unlimited attempts. *Please note: The user may be prevented from proceeding if they must pass the quiz in order to take a future module and fail to reach the minimum passing score within the number of allowed attempts. 
    The number of attempts can be adjusted for individual participants later if they are unable to pass within the allowed number of attempts. Learn how to increase the number of attempts here.
  5. Options (Required Minimum Score): This is the % of correct answers that the user must provide in order to pass the Test. Leave this blank if you do not wish to set a minimum passing grade.
  6. Options (Randomize Questions): To shake things up, you can choose to present quiz questions to a  participant user in random order upon each attempt at taking the quiz.

Important note: Certain options cannot be changed once the Huddle has been published. For a full list of fields that can and cannot be changed after publishing, please see this article.

4. Adding Questions

  • 1. Question Type: Test Question types include Multiple Choice (one answer), Multiple Choice (multiple answers), Essay, or True/False. Select the question type by clicking on the dropdown to expose the list.

  • 2. Question ‘x’: This is where you will input the Test question which will appear to the user answering.
  • 3. Answers: Depending on which question type you chose, this will either be a blank textbox (essay type), or prompt you to input your multiple choice or true/false answers.
  • 4. Explaination for Answer: This will appear to the user once they have successfully passed the assessment so that they can review what they got right and what they missed.
  • 5. Add a Question/Delete: You can add as many questions as you like of any type. Be advised, to protect any potential participation, once a test has been published, you will be prevented from adding or deleting  questions. 

If there is anything that you need clarification on, or if you need additional  help, please reach out to our friendly Customer Support team, at:

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