How to Schedule a Huddle Event

Huddle Events can be easily scheduled from the Huddle Template once it has been created. For further reading on Scheduled Huddles and their components, please see this article.

To start scheduling Events, first navigate to the Template of the Huddle you would like to create an Event for as a Manager, Publisher or Coach role user, and click “Schedule Huddle” 

This will open a new pop-up window to configure your new Event. You can now create a Huddle Event with a Due Date or Self-paced.

Schedule Huddle Event with a Due Date 

Schedule Huddle Options:

  1. Due Date: This section allows the creator to set when the Huddle will be due for their participants. Once the Due Date option has been selected. The Due Date can be set. You can set a Huddle Event to be Self-Paced which removes any due dates. 
  2. Time: By default the Time option is unchecked. If you want the Huddle Event to be due at a specific time, you can check the Time box and set the Due Time. 
  3. Recurring: You can set a Huddle Event to be recurring which will create another Scheduled Event after a specified interval and reassign the same users.
  4. Huddle: Here the creator can specify which Huddle Template they would like to use to create the Event. By default, the Huddle Template that was used to Schedule the Event is selected. 
  5. Assign To: This section is used to assign the users to the Huddle Event. You can type the name of the User/Team/Group/Segment and select them. The selected entities will get the Huddle Event assigned to them. 
  6. Send Invitation Email: Here the creator can choose to send an invitation email to the user(s) that were added to the Event and also add customized text in the Text Box. By default, the Send Invitation Email box is checked. If you do not wish to send an email to the Event assignees, you can uncheck the box. 

Note: If the invitation email box is checked, any users that are added to this Huddle event after it has been published will receive an invitation email.

Once “Schedule Huddle” has been clicked, the page will automatically redirect the user to the Huddle Event page. This page has a unique URL that is different from the Template:

Schedule Huddle Event as Self-paced

The Self-paced Huddle Events allow a user to complete the Huddle Event assigned to them at their own pace.The Huddle Event set as a Self-paced does not have a due-date. 

To Schedule a Huddle Event as Self-paced, simply select the Self-paced option under the Due Date in the pop-up window generated to Schedule Huddle. 

The options for the Self-paced Event are the same as for the Event with a Due Date except that the Self-paced Event does not contain a Due Date. 

In the Assign To box, you can type the name of the User/Team/Group/Segment and select them. Click Schedule and Assign button to get the Self-paced Event assigned to the selected entities. 

Edit Scheduled Event and more

After the Scheduled Event has been Assigned to the users, the options to Edit Event, Email Participants, Admin are available. 

Edit Event

Edit Event can be used to make any changes to the existing Huddle Event. Clicking on the Edit Event button will open a new pop-up window with several options which would apply to this Huddle Event only (no other Scheduled Events within the Template)

The type of the Huddle Events can be changed in the popped-up window. For the Event with a Due Date, the Due Date and Time can also be modified from here. The Due Date Event can also be set as recurring. 

Additional options such as Send Update to Attendees, Send Reminders, Duplicate and Archive Responses can also be changed from the Edit Event. 

The creator can use the Edit Event button to:

  1. Change the Type of the Huddle Event from Due Date to Self-paced and vice versa. 
  2. Change the Due Date.
  3. Set this Huddle Event to Recurring. This will allow the Huddle to get re-generated every time based on the Time and Repeat Event set. Note: Once the due date for a huddle event of a recurring Huddle has passed, then the next Huddle Event is not created until 6 hours after the due date has passed.
  4. Send Updates or Reminders to all the assigned participants via email. 
  5. Duplicate and Archive the Event — Please take caution when selecting this check box, as this function will effectively remove the Huddle Event and all participation from the Template, and create a new Event with the same users. The Huddle Event will only be accessible via direct link.
  6. Delete the Event. This will only delete the current Huddle Event. The Template or any other Events associated with the Template, will not be affected. 

Email Participants

Clicking on the Email Participants will open a new pop-up window, allowing the creator to send a personalized message to all participants, incomplete participants, or completed participants.


The Admin tab contains the following options

User Completion: To mark the participant completion to 100% without having them go through the event. 

Leaderboard Metrics: This contains a list of the options that are displayed on the Huddle Overview page. The creator can toggle the option to display/hide them in the Huddle Overview page. 

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