How to Edit Your Profile Information


Your SalesHood Profile contains info of your Name, Email, Title, Location, etc. This article gives a detailed walkthrough on what your User Profile looks like and what changes can be made from the UI related to your Profile.

Profile Overview

To view your User Profile in SalesHood, click on your picture icon at the bottom left corner of the homepage and click User Profile.

Your basic elements of your profile lists the following

  • Title
  • Role
  • Primary Manager and Secondary Manager (if any)
  • Segment
  • E-mail
  • Location/Time Zone

Show More

Clicking on the Show More, option allows you to see the Teams and Groups a user is a part of. Clicking on each Team/Group allows you to view all the other members part of the same Team/Group.

View Badges earned

At the bottom of the User Profile, you can view all the Badges you have earned by completing required training(s). More Badge detail can be viewed by hovering over the Badge or clicking “All Badges”

Editing the Profile

You can only Edit the following fields in your Profile. The edits can be done by clicking on the fields and choosing Check Mark.

  • Name
  • Title
  • Email (Only a Coach can update Email)
  • Location


  1. If a User is associated with Secondary instances, the Profile Picture of the user will remain the same in all the instances as the one set in the Primary instance.
  2. Profile Picture can only be Changed/Removed from the User Profile in the Primary instance.
  3. Only a Coach can update a user’s email from their User Profile. If the user is a part of multiple instances, the update must be done from Primary instance only.

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