How to Edit Your Profile Information

Profile Page Elements

In order to edit your profile information in SalesHood, click on your photo icon at the bottom left corner of the homepage and click User Profile.

Your profile now lists your title, role, manager, segment, e-mail and time zone:

We’ve also added new information to the profile page, by selecting Show More, you will be able to see the teams and groups a user is a part of!

You can select the team to view your team members and then select their profile picture to be taken to their profile.

Editing the Profile

On the Profile page, you can learn which fields you can edit by hovering over the field

You can then select right in field to make your edits and then select the check to save your edits.

Step 3: You will be able to make edits to the information by clicking on the [pencil] icon associated with the field, or the green Upload photo button at the bottom of the photo icon. Editable fields include: Name, Email, Title, Start Date, and Time Zone.

Step 4: When you are finished with your edits, click [Done Editing].

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