How to create a Confidential Category

To create a category, please follow these instructions.

Step 1: Access the Library

Step 2: On the top left, select “+New”

Step 3: Select “Category”

Step 4: Type in the title of the private category

Step 5: Upload a Thumbnail or customize a thumbnail using the default template

Step 6: Check the box “Confidential mode”

Step 7: Select “OK.” The private category is now created.


  • Only users with the role of Coach or Publisher, or users with the roles of Manager or Individual who have been assigned to a Huddle within a Confidential Category can access that category.
  • Such Managers and Individuals will only have access to Huddles within the category they are assigned to.
  • All users who have access to the category can view files in the category.
  • Subcategories within a confidential category are also confidential and have the same behavior and restrictions as all other confidential categories.

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