How to Create a New Buyer Site


Let’s learn about creating a new Buyer Site. This article shows a detailed steps on the Buyer Site creation.

Who can create a Buyer Site?

Any user having access to Buyer Site can create a new Buyer Site.

Buyer Site creation steps

The Buyer Site can be accessed by clicking on the Buyer Site icon from the Global Menu

Once in the Buyer Site menu, follow these steps to create a new Buyer Site:

1. Under My Sites , click on the Create Site button to create a new site. You can also select the down arrow next to select the option From Template to create a new site from an existing Buyer Site Template.

2. A pop-up window on selecting a Use Case will appear in which you can select a user case between:

  • Prospecting
  • Site Details
  • Settings

  1. Fill in the Title and Company
  2. Depending on the Use Case: Enter the Welcome Message
  3. Site Privacy
    1. Private – Only allow users who you approve have access to a Buyer Site
      1. Contacts from the Following Domains Will Be Auto-Approved – Enter the name of a company to use their Domain name or enter a Domain name (ex.
    2. Public – Any user with the link to the Buyer Site can access the site
  4. Contact Collaboration – Allow users to communicate with each other and the Buyer Site owner via chat

3. Once the Buyer Site is created, click +Add button on the right to add content to it

4. Every separate content you’re adding, provide the details and add the content in its respective pop-up box.

5. Once all the content have been added, click Share

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6. Copy the URL and share it with the Buyer externally using email, text, etc.

Buyer Site Content

Within a Buyer Site, content such as videos, existing documents from the Library, Files, and External Links can be added for your Buyers and prospects to engage with. As mentioned previously, the following content can be added to your Buyer Site by selecting the +Add option under Shared Content in your Buyer site.

Record a Video

The Video Content is extremely helpful when you want to provide a video to your Buyer/User. You can record a Video in the Camera, Screen or Overlay mode to add it to your Buyer Site to explain them things in a visualizing manner using the recording.

  1. In the +Add > Select the Record Video option
  2. Click Record button to add your recording
  3. Give a Title, Description (optional), and Thumbnail (optional) to the recording
  4. Allow Downloads using the toggle to enable or disable users from downloading your recorded video
  5. Click Save 
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Select from Library

Select from Library option lets you select an existing document from your instance library you want to add to the Buyer Site.

Please note that in order for files to be visible in the Buyer Site Library selection, the files you wish to share with customers must have the External Facing tag set to Yes.

The tag can be adjusted while viewing a file in the Information panel on the right hand side of the page. If you hover towards the right External Facing option and select the pencil icon, you can then set the option to Yes or No.

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Any existing document such as Word Doc, Spreadsheet, PDF, etc can be added from your library to the Buyer Site by following these simple steps:

  1. In the +Add > Choose Select from Library option
  2. In the Pop-up window > Search for the desired File in the Search Bar or navigate through different folders to add the content
  3. Click Add
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The selected content will be added to the Buyer Site.

Upload File

This option allows you to add any content from your external drive to the Buyer Site. The content in the form of Document, Video, Image, etc can be added to the Buyer Site directly from your device.

These are the steps to upload a file to a Buyer Site:

  1. In the +Add > Select the Upload File option
  2. Click Upload button or Drag & Drop a file to add
  3. Provide a Title, Description (optional), and Thumbnail (optional) to the File
  4. Allow Downloads using the toggle to enable or disable users from downloading the file
  5. Click Save
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Share Link

Using the Share Link option any Link/URL can be added to a Buyer Site. The end-user can therefore view the Link added in the Buyer Site in the Preview Screen.

To add a Link into the Buyer Site, follow these steps:

  1. In the +Add > Select the Share Link option
  2. In the Share Link Pop-up window > Provide a Title, URL, Description (optional), and Thumbnail (optional)
  3. Click Add

The Link added in the Buyer Site will be previewed in the Preview Box.

Editing the Buyer Site

Edit, Deactivate and Delete the entire Buyer Site

Clicking on the “…” option beside the share button allows a user to Edit, Create Template, Deactivate and Delete the Buyer Site that has been created.

  • Manage Settings: The Buyer Site Manage Settings contains two components
    • General: The General Settings such as Title, Use Case, Company, Logo, etc. can be updated from this section.
    • Privacy & Collaboration: The Site Privacy and Contact Collaboration can be changed from here.
  • Create Template: Use the current Buyer Site you are viewing to create a reusable template for others to use
  • Deactivate: This option best works in case the Buyer Site needs to be made inaccessible bit not fully deleted. When the Buyer Site is Deactivated, the end-users are unable to access it. The Deactivated Buyer Site is displayed with an Inactivate tag in the menu. The Buyer Site can be reactivated by clicking on the Reactivate button from the “…” option.
  • View Change History:
  • Delete: The entire Buyer Site can be deleted by clicking on the Delete option
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Edit the Buyer Site Content

Once the content within the Buyer Site has been added it cannot be replaced, however, the Title and Thumbnail of the content can still be updated.

In order to Feature or Update the Title and Thumbnail of the Buyer Site content, simply hover over the content and click on the “…” option.

  • Feature: Highlight the content with a Star. Any Buyer Site content can be featured to express its importance featuring it. Only one content can be featured in the whole Buyer Site.
  • Edit: Used to update the Title or Thumbnail of the content.
  • Delete: A Buyer Site content can be deleted by clicking on the Delete option.

Arrange the order of the content

Once different contents are added within the Buyer Sites, changing its order is possible. To change the position of the content, you can simply drag the content at the desired position.

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