How to Create a Unique Token for Access to SalesHood Reporting APIs

SalesHood Export APIs are a robust new feature in SalesHood which allows your company to measure the success of your programs by integrating with Business Intelligence (BI) tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and even Salesforce. This guide will help you gather the information needed from SalesHood to begin leveraging your data from our APIs.

Please note: You do not need to import all datasets that are listed –  only the ones that are relevant to the data you want to correlate!

How to Gain Access to the APIs

1. Request Your Client ID and Secret

Each instance of SalesHood has a unique Client ID and Secret required for testing. To collect this information, please send an email to your Sales Rep that you would like to leverage export APIs and they will request the information for you.

Please Note: The Secret will be different for your preview and production instances of SalesHood. 

If you would like to test on preview first, please notify SalesHood staff, as you will need a separate Secret for your production instance to connect to it.

2. Generate Your Token

To generate a unique token for your instance, follow these steps:

  • Go to:
  • You will see two boxes called Encoded (where the token will display that you will copy) and Decoded (where you will put in the code to generate the unique  token). Using the below image as a key, change the decoded boxes with the following information:
  • In the Header box make sure the “alg” line reads “HS256”
  • In the Payload box change the code to:
  • In the Verify Signature box, replace “your-256-bit-secret” with the secret key provided by SalesHood staff.
  • Once you have changed all three boxes, copy the encoded key. This will be your token to connect to SalesHood export APIs.i

Important: It is imperative to carefully maintain confidentiality of this token in order to protect your data from being hacked.

Connecting to Different Tools

Microsoft Power BI



Need further assistance? Please reach out to for anything API related.

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