How to Clone Programs (Huddles and Learning Paths)

If you want to duplicate the template for a Huddle or Learning Path, you can do so with the Clone feature. This allows you to repurpose existing templates and/or make changes to your content without affecting the original program. 

Cloning Huddles

When you clone a Huddle, it creates a duplicate huddle template in an unpublished state, with the following attributes inherited from the original:

  • Modules (Exercise, Test, Video, Plugin and Pitch)
  • Huddle characteristics (title, description, duration, category, type, instruction, outcomes)
  • Huddle options (Hidden Activities on/off)
  • Huddle invite message
  • Supporting documents

You can make any necessary edits to your cloned template and then publish once ready.

Note: If you are cloning a Scheduled Huddle, the huddle events scheduled in the original huddle will not be copied into the new cloned huddle and new events will need to be created. To learn about creating a Huddle Event click here.

Classic View

To clone a huddle, select the “…” in the top right corner of any page in the Huddle and select “Clone”

Modern View

To clone a huddle, go to a Scheduled Huddle Template or Open Huddle and go to the Overview tab. Click on the “…” in the top right corner and select Duplicate

Cloning Huddle Modules

Classic View

If you want to clone an individual module, you can do so when the Huddle is in “edit mode” (unpublished state) by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner:

Cloning a module creates an exact duplicate of that module within your Huddle.

Modern View

In the Modern View of the Huddle you can clone a Huddle Module in 2 ways:

  1. On the Overview screen of a huddle you are editing, hover over the module you would like to clone and click on the Duplicate icon
  2. While editing your Huddle modules, you can click on the “…” next to the name of the module you want to clone on the left menu bar, and select Duplicate

Cloning Learning Paths

To clone a Learning Path template, click the Clone button at the bottom of the Start Here module:

When you clone a Learning Path, it creates a duplicate template in a published state, with the following attributes inherited from the original:

  • Start Here video
  • Path characteristics (title, category, goals, self-paced/due date)
  • Activities configuration (Hidden Activities on/off)
  • Schedule (all programs in the template)
  • Supporting documents


  • When you clone a program, you are only cloning the template and not any of the participation data or activities
  • A clone is a separate program with a unique ID and cannot be merged back into the original, even if they have the same content and participants

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