How to Build a Learning Path

To add content to a Learning Path first access the Schedule tab.

By default you will start with one work week to add content to. If you need to add additional weeks select +Add New Week. Each week and day of the week can be renamed by clicking on the name.

To remove any weeks click on the Trash icon.

After adding your weeks click on the + next to any of the days in a work week. You will be given a menu to select from 3 types of content to add to the Learning Path:

  1. Huddle – add a scheduled or open huddle to the Path. Click here to learn more about which huddle type works best in a Learning Path.
  2. File – add a file from the Library or locally into the Learning Path
  3. External Event – add a link to an external site

Add Huddle, File, External Event to a Learning Path

While creating a Learning Path, you can add a new or existing Huddle, File or External Event into the Learning Path.

To add the content in the Learning Path in the form of Huddle, File and/or External Event, go to the Schedule section and under the Week, click on the  Sign inside the Days Box.

Upon selecting the Huddle, File or External Event a new pop-up screen will be generated and the content can be added to the Learning Path. 


To add a Huddle, click on the Huddle option from the “+” button. The option for adding an existing Huddle or creating a New Huddle is available.

To add an existing Huddle, type the name of the Huddle that needs to be added into the Path and select from the following settings:

  • Keep Huddle Completion: Keep a user’s completion from a previous scheduled huddle event
  • Optional Event: Make a huddle’s completion optional for participants (Note: Optional events are not included in the completion percentage calculation)
  • Prerequisite: Assign Prerequisite huddles that exist in the Learning Path to be completed before going through the event you are assigning
  • Keep Completed Participants Completion: If a user has already achieved 100% completion in a Learning Path, they will be granted an override for this huddle to maintain their completion
  • To add a New Huddle, click on the New option. Name the New Huddle, select the Type between Open and Scheduled, and click Ok. Once you have filled out the info, you will be taken to the huddle editor where you can continue building your huddle. After the huddle is published, it will be added to the Learning Path


    To add files into the Learning Path, select Files option. Either a new file can be uploaded from the device or an existing file can be added from the Library.

    In the Upload, click on the “browse” option, select the file from your device and click Ok. The file will then be uploaded into the Learning Path.

    To use an existing file, click on the Existing File option, select the Category and enter the File Name, click Ok.

    Reviewing file(s) in a Learning Path can be made optional for the participants by checking the Optional event box allowing participants to move ahead without accessing the file.

    External Event

    The External Event refers to an external source (link) that can be added into the Learning Path allowing participants to access the content via the link added to the Path.

    The External Event can be added into the Learning Path by clicking on the “External Event” from the “+” option. A New External Event window pops-up and the following fields can be filled.

    • Label: The event name to be displayed in the Learning Path
    • Link: The source link
    • Category: The Library Category where the source link is stored

    The External Event can also be made option for the participants by checking the “Optional event” box. The Prerequisite option enables the participants to access the external event before moving to the next Module within a Learning Path. null

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