How to add supporting documents to a Huddle

A supporting document is any external file or link that may be helpful for participants to complete a huddle.

These documents may be added while in Preview mode or after the huddle is published. To learn how to do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Overview page of the Huddle. This must be done either while in Preview mode, or after the Huddle is published. 

Step 2: Click the [+] symbol by Supporting Documents and you will be prompted to add a File or Link.  

Step 3a: If you choose to add a File, you will be directed to the following page, where you may upload a file from your computer, or choose an existing file already in SalesHood. To upload a file from your browser, click browse and choose the file you wish to upload.

Step 3b: If you choose to add a Link, you will be directed to the following page, where you can copy/paste the link and provide a Label. The label is the text users will see when viewing the link. When done, click submit.

Step 4: Once you upload the link or file, you will be prompted to edit the Description and Tags. These files will be placed in your library, and tags will make these files easily searchable.

To learn more about tags, visit the following articles:

Step 5: Click [Done] and your supporting documents will be added.

Once your supporting document is added, it will be displayed on the Overview page of the Huddle. Please note that supporting documents will only be added to the Overview page, unless you pin the document. If you do pin the document, it will be displayed on each module of the Huddle.

Step 6: To pin a supporting document to every module of the Huddle, click the [pin] icon next to the supporting document link. To delete the document, click the [trash] icon.

Step 7: If you would like a supporting document to exist on any module other than the Overview module, navigate to Supporting Documents section of that module and follow steps 1-5.


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