How to Add Expiration Dates to Library Assets

As you add content to your Saleshood Library, it is important for your assets stay relevant and up-to-date. However, it can often be difficult to keep track of and properly maintain your asset library. To help make your content management easier, Saleshood allows you to set expiration dates on any asset in the library. Once an asset reaches its out of date the content will be automatically archived. This ensures that assets used by your users are not out-of-date.

Users with a Coach or Publisher role are able to set expiration for any assets within the Library.

When content is about to expire, the content owner will be sent an email notification to let them know about the upcoming expiration.

Note: Stories, Deal Wins, and Training Resources do not have an expiry date by default

How to Add an Expiration Date

From the Asset View

  1. Go to the Library and select any asset to view it
  2. Once you are viewing an asset select Information
  3. Under Expiration Date tick the Select Date option and select an expiration date

From the Library

  1. Go to the Library and locate the Asset
  2. Hover to the top right of the Asset icon and click on “” and Update Expiration
  3. An Update Expiration pop-up window will appear. Under Expiration Date tick the Select Date option and select an expiration date

How to Set a Default Expiration Period

Sometimes rather than setting specified expiration dates to individual files, you may want to set a default amount of time (days, weeks, or months) for all new content added to the Library.

For instance, if you set your default expiration date to 6 months, if you were to upload an asset today, the expiry date would automatically be set to 6 months from today.

Users with a Company Admin role are able to set a default Expiry Date for all content via the instance’s Company Settings.

Below are the steps to add a default expiration period:

  1. Go to the hamburger menu in the bottom left of the screen and select Company Settings
  2. In the Company Settings, go to Advanced > LIbrary and toggle the Default Expiration Period for Asset option on
  3. Set a number of either Days, Weeks, or Months for the expiration period

Email Notifications

Content owners will receive a weekly email notification if they have at least one asset that expiring within the next month. These emails are sent at the start of each week on Sunday.

Upcoming expiring content weekly email

Content owners will also receive an email notification each day that one of their assets has expired. The email will list each of their assets that expired that day.

Expired assets daily email

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