How To Access and Use the Content Report

The Content Report in the SalesHood web app is where Managers and Coaches can view and report on the metrics behind how different content is being consumed. This includes activities for Huddles and Learning Paths.

With these reports, Managers and Coaches will be able to use the data to analyze their team’s performance in order to provide coaching where needed.

To access the Content Report page, click on the Reports tab while on any page of the web app, then click on the Content tab to view the different content that has been created in your instance:

On the Content tab, the page list will default to show all Huddles, Pitches, and Learning Paths that were created within the past 6 months. (Note: these options can always be filtered to your specifications and date range)

Elements of the Content Report

These are the elements of the Content Report page:

a. For the given date range, these stats will show the number of Learning Paths, Huddles, and Pitches that have been created in your instance.

b. By clicking into each section, you can filter the Content Report to show fields specifying what you want to see/report. Included are: Content Types (Learning Path, Huddles, Pitches), Categories (these are the categories in your content library), and Host (these are users with a role of Manager, Content Publisher, or Coach who have scheduled a Huddle or Pitch in the system, or who have been designated a host of a Learning Path).

Additionally, the date filters will allow you to narrow the search to show content that was created within a specific date range.

c. You can search for the content you are looking for. As you type, the reports page will calibrate to show the content identified by your search and the Results counter will show the number of results specified by your search.

d. Clicking on column headers will sort report results based on that column.

Name – The list will show your content in alphabetical order.
Content Type – Your content will list in groups of Learning Paths, Huddles, and Pitches.
Category – The list will show your content in alphabetical order by category name.
Created Date – Your content will show in chronological order by creation date (note: this is for content within the date filter set in section B)
Host – The list will sort alphabetically by the Host name.
Participants – Your content will populate in numerical order by number of participants.
Avg. Completion – This column will populate in numerical order of completion percentage for your content.
Avg. Test Score – Clicking this column will rank the content by the average scores for the test modules within Huddles. Huddles without test modules are denoted by a hyphen. 
Avg. Pitch Score – This column will rank content by average Pitch score percentages. For content/Pitches without a score (either because the content is a non-Pitch item or the Pitch does not have a scorecard), the null field will be denoted by a hyphen.

Content Report Breakdown By Learning Path and Huddle

Clicking on the name a Learning Path or Huddle will take you to a break down of the participant completions.

Huddle Breakdown

After clicking on the name of a huddle, the report will breakdown in different ways depending on whether a Huddle is Opened or Scheduled.

If a Huddle is Open, you will see a break down of all the participants completion

If the huddle is Scheduled, you will first see a breakdown of all the huddle events scheduled from the Scheduled Huddle template.

To view the completion breakdown of individual participants within an event, click on the name of the event from the list.

Export the Content Report to CSV

Clicking Options then Export To CSV will download the content report as it’s currently showing on your screen as a CSV file to serve your reporting needs.

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